The Reese Family

“And you will be my witnesses…even to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

The Reese Family

Danny and Katie both grew up on the mission field in Africa – Katie in Kenya and Danny in South Africa. Their common love for Africa and desire to serve God there drew them together when they first met at Harding University. When the war ended in Angola in 2002, they both felt a strong tug to reach this country that had been unreachable for so long. For the next several years, they prepared themselves for a life of ministry through internships, survey trips, and graduate studies. Meanwhile, Danny and Katie watched in amazement as God brought others to form a team where there had once been only a dream.

The Reeses are blessed with three beautiful children. Eliana, born in 2008, brings a gleaming smile to the team. Sophia is their little international baby, born in Portugal in July 2010. Samuel, born 2014, keeps them all on the run. They and the other team children benefit from Katie’s training and experience in elementary education, which she also uses to bless the teachers and children in Angola. Danny has a deep desire to nurture church leaders in Africa, planting and watering seeds of maturity that will bear fruit for generations to come. The Reeses continue to root themselves deeper in Angolan soil, always amazed at what God is accomplishing around them.

The Reese family’s sending congregation is the Westover Hills Church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

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