Vision and Strategy

We see ourselves not primarily as evangelists, church planters, church leaders, or transformers of Angolan society.  Rather, we believe the Angolan church can and should be all those things!  So our purpose is to encourage and equip Angolan Christians through a  mentoring approach – which means we’ll be getting our hands dirty right alongside our Angolan brothers and sisters, learning together how to plant churches and nurture maturity.  In the end, we pray that God will harvest the nation of Angola, and that He will receive all the glory!

Explore our team’s approach by clicking on the elements below, then send us your thoughts. We’re always open to learning.

Our Mission (this is why we exist as a team)

Planting Churches, Nurturing Growth, Harvesting a Nation

Our Core Values (these shape everything we do)

Our Core Values

Our Ministry Focuses (these are our mental categories)

Our Ministry Focuses