The Harvest

Weeping may last for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning!
Psalm 30:5

Angola’s night has been long, its tears passed as an inheritance from generation to generation. Five centuries of Portuguese colonial rule were dominated by the slave trade, and, in later years, other forms of exploitation. Angolans began to revolt in 1961, leading to 14 years of war for independence. When Portugal finally relinquished control in 1975, the three Angolan liberation armies turned against each other, each hungry for power in the new government. A civil war commenced, funded by international cold war rivals and driven by the ruthless quest for power. The war lasted 27 long years, each stage more devastating than the ones before. Cities were besieged, farmlands scorched, entire populations displaced, hope forgotten. Weeping was heard in the night.

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Bright Future

But with God, weeping is never the final word! In 2002, the war ended suddenly. Peace dawned with rays of hope. Angolans have begun to reunite their families, replant their crops, rebuild their lives. Many hunger for the lasting peace that comes through Jesus Christ. Churches struggled during the war, and now have great hope for the future. But there is much work to be done and many who have yet to hear the Good News. We go to partner with these Angolan Christians.

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The majority of Angola’s population lives in the cities. We are therefore moving to Huambo, a central city that was hard-hit by the war. There are few missionaries of any kind in Huambo. As we gain experience in church planting in Angola, we hope to use Huambo as a strategic base for work in other areas of Angola. For this effort to succeed, it must be in partnership with Angolan Christians, enveloped in prayer by the world-wide church, and empowered by God. Our steadfast hope is that, through God’s Spirit, rejoicing will resound across the nation!

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Huambo, Angola - A strategic base for the work in Angola