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Angola Day of Prayer Recap

On March 27, over one hundred Christians from at least 8 different congregations in Arka nsas gathered together, devoting a time of intense prayer for the people of Angola and the Angola Mission Team. This event was hosted by Little Rock Church (Jordan’s sending congregation) in cooperation with Central Church of Christ (sending congregation of the Meyer family). It was truly a blessed time of learning and focused intercession!

After watching a sideshow (scroll to bottom of this post to view) introducing the Angolan people and our team to the audience, we entered into a time of prayer by singing a song of praise to our great God.

The evening was divided into segments in which a prayer need was introduced and a prayer of intercession was led. Different individuals (friends, members of Jordan’s support team, shepherds, and ministers from the Little Rock area) thoughtfully provoked us to consider our topic of prayer, led us in a group reading of scripture, and then spoke in heart-felt intercession over one of the following prayer needs:

  • For Angolans, that their hearts would be prepared to enter the Kingdom of God
  • For the team’s outreach efforts in Angola
  • For the creation of new and vibrant churches in Angola
  • For the team’s growth and ability to nurture spiritual growth in others
  • For the team’s international relationships; for the ones we already have in Brazil and Portugal, and for the ones we have yet to form in the Portuguese-speaking world
  • For the churches that are joined in this effort to support the kingdom work in Angola; that these people would consciously be of great support, and because of this support be instrumental in the work in Angola.

Another video presented each member of the Angola Mission Team expressing personal prayer needs and concluded with an urgent call to pray for the visa process. Jerry Reed (a shepherd at Little Rock Church) led the intercession for the team’s requests and then Gerald Driskill (the leader of Jordan’s support team) led a special supplication for our visas. Scroll to the bottom of this post to view the video.

We then joined together in a chorus of group intercession. We prayed in groups of two or three over requests found on prayer cards in our seats.  Afterward we placed the cards symbolically on the cross. Mike Harmon (a member of Jordan’s support team) led a closing prayer over the team and all those gathered. Then the group sang a song of prayer.

It was humbling to see so many gathered together who wish to continue praying with us. I was so excited and blessed to be able to be home for this Day of Prayer for Angola, and the whole team was greatly encouraged by the event. There is nothing that strengthens us so much as knowing that we have people at home partnering with us in prayer. My hope is that it was also a time of learning to better intercede both for Angola and the Angola Mission Team.

Thank you to everyone who made the evening possible — those who helped plan, those who recruited people to come, the intercession leaders, and the members of the Little Rock Church who went the extra mile and provided child care and a spread of snacks. Each and every one of these people helped to make this event a truly special and prayerful one.

We would like to invite you to join us in regularly interceding for the Kingdom in Angola. You can use this format if you like, or follow your own. We will be sure to keep our prayer requests up to date on the website. This event will occur again in the Little Rock area in October and we hope that other churches will find time and creative mediums to encourage each other to devote themselves to prayer for the Kingdom of God in Angola and all over the world.

Above: After leading us in John 17:20-23, Billy McLain (a shepherd at Central church of Christ & former missionary to Brazil) prayed for the team’s international relationships with the Portuguese-speaking world.  He had all of us hold our linked hands up in prayer. It was a beautiful moment of unity in petition to our Father.

To view all of the pictures from the event, go to the March 27, 2011 Angola Day of Prayer photo album on the Angola Mission Team Facebook page.