New printing ministry – We need your help

The Angolan churches suffer from a severe shortage of quality, Bible-based literature. Importing literature is slow, unreliable, and cost-prohibitive. Options for printing in country are rare. We want to see that change!

Recently in conversation with several key church leaders, we set forth a vision to establish a small but capable printing and binding ministry in Huambo to address the great need for literature. Already we have been approached by Christian authors ready to submit their manuscripts for printing, and already other Christian ministries have been tapping us on the shoulder asking for the privilege of using our services. And, by God’s grace, the first donors have generously jumped on board with this vision.

Like everything of value in the kingdom of Christ, we can’t do this alone. We ask you to help!

  • Expertise! If you have experience in the printing industry and would be willing to share some of what you know over coffee, I would be very grateful. This is a learning curve, and we’d like to do it right. Send me a note at danny at angolateam dot org.
  • Funding! The front-end investment will be large, but the eternal dividends will be enormous. If you share our excitement for equipping the Angolan church with evangelistic literature, Bible school materials, correspondence courses, Christian life helps, and more, please help make it happen. You can give online to Westover Hills Church of Christ for the Angola Mission Fund with a memo for Printing Ministries, or contact us for other options.

As always, please bathe this endeavor in prayer. All our efforts are meaningless if God’s Spirit is not behind it all. May He receive the glory!

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