Eliana attending an Angolan school

This year, Eliana began attending an Angolan private school, Colégio Tchissola. Although she is learning fabulously in home school, her Portuguese is barely adequate to greet people. We put her in the Portuguese-speaking school to remedy this. Since she has started she has already picked up many words and gotten more confident putting together simple sentences. She is still timid and confused at times, but generally enjoys school and is making friends. Here is what she wrote about school:

I like having a classroom with desks and a board. I really like my teacher, Professora Balbina. There is English class. I have two friends, Etulania and Duweni. There is recess and snack time. There is a uniform for my school. I only go in the morning, from 7:30 to noon.

Sophia is going to a daycare in the mornings to get her interaction in Portuguese and she enjoys playing with the kids there. Samuel doesn’t speak anything yet, but he is walking all over the house and gets his hands on anything small. He turned one at the end of February.

In the afternoon I teach Eliana and Sophia in English. Eliana is in first grade and Sophia is in PreK.

We thank God for how our children have grown here and pray that they will continue to thrive.



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