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Celebrating the Holidays Overseas

People often ask what it’s like being a missionary living overseas around the holidays. Sometimes I feel like it’s not too bad – we keep our own special traditions and celebrate with our team and friends here. But other times it’s very hard – especially when work or bad internet connections get in the way of our plans to celebrate and share with our family overseas. But usually with some creativity, flexibility, and some extra effort, we can find a way to celebrate well with our family. This year, we were very blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas in person with both sides of the family!

Katie’s parents came to Angola to visit in early December. It was so wonderful to be able to share our home and ministry with them in person. We celebrated Thanksgiving, an early Christmas, and had a great African adventure in the form of a rained-out camping trip. They got to see Samuel’s first crawling steps and play lots of games and puzzles with the girls.


Epic Journey to Tanzania

Then we undertook the epic drive across Africa to visit Danny’s family in Tanzania. His brother David and family have been living there for the past 2 years and his sister Tammy and family just moved there. John and Beth, Danny’s parents, joined us all for a very full family Christmas. We made a week-long camping trip through Serengeti National Park, a truly memorable experience. The cousins played and played and we adults got a glimpse of day-to-day life and ministry in Tanzania. We are very thankful for the opportunity to do this once in a lifetime trip.

On the way back home we visited several missionaries in Zambia and Angola, as well as the churches in far eastern Angola that Katie has never had a chance to visit.

We are thankful to be back home – thanks to God’s security – and are now figuring out what this new year will look like for our ministry and family.