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And then there were five

We are now a family of five! We welcomed Samuel John Reese on February 27. Praise God for a healthy son! He is a month old now and growing well. We are enjoying and adjusting to our family of five. The girls love to smother him in hugs and kisses.

We arrived in the US for furlough a few weeks before Samuel’s birth. On our way we enjoyed a wonderful few days visiting our friends in Lisbon. In February we enjoyed reconnecting with family and friends in Austin, TX. Currently, we are up in the NW visiting my (Katie’s) family and showing off our newest addition. We’ll wrap up with a visit to Arkansas and Tennessee in April. We’ve enjoyed seeing many of you and look forward to more good visits before we head back to Angola on May 1.

We ask for your prayers for Samuel’s visa process, our continued travels, and stamina for our teammates as they work without us.

Katie for the five of us