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Biblical Training Module for São Luís Youth

With the baptisms of Gidi, Pedro, and Paulo in April, the São Luís church had 4 young men ready to step up and take an active part in the church. Robert and Danny prepared a 3 weekend course in basic Bible knowledge to lay the foundation for them to grow, hopefully, into leaders in God’s kingdom.

The first Saturday they did an overview of the Bible, teaching about the books, understanding the Testaments, and the basic biblical story. The following Saturday was an overview of the Old Testament, and the last Saturday was the New Testament. They even had quizzes. The boys applied themselves and worked hard to keep up. Gidi was especially excited to hear the story of Gideon for the first time, as the judge is his namesake. It is our hope that by giving them a framework of the Bible, they will better be able to study and grow on their own.

Katie and Teague helped out by preparing midday meals for the young men.

These young men are growing and learning, being mentored and practicing their faith each week. Please pray for them to live lives of integrity and to grow into men who seek first God and His kingdom, being able to teach others as they go.


Danny showing the Biblical story
Danny showing the Biblical story