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Challenges and Joys of Developing Church Leadership

Part 1

I want to sincerely request your prayers for men and women of integrity to be brought forth to lead God’s people. This is the greatest challenge that we face in our work – to find people with the desire, skills, and character whom we can mentor to work in God’s kingdom.

Alcohol is one of the biggest crippling factors in finding men to mentor into church leadership. Satan truly holds these neighborhoods in bondage to this sin and we have seen it claim many lives already, including the innocent. Recently, Felix, one of the young men in the Lossambo church, stepped in to stop his drunken father from beating his mother. The father then went to the police and had his son thrown in jail. However, it turned into an opportunity for the church to support Felix and his family by helping pay the bond.

The love of money and power is yet another obstacle in finding men of integrity. The man with whom Danny was working in São Luís allowed this sin to undermine his work in the church here. To handle the situation well took several weeks, much prayer, and much Bible study. Danny, Charles, and Bamba (from Luanda) worked together to guard the church against this unhealthy leadership.

Please join us in prayer for God to release His people from these sins, to transform hearts, and to bring true shepherds for his flock.

Part 2

Now we want to share with you how God is raising up the youth here to work in his kingdom.

In São Luís, two young men have stepped up, Gidi and Mias. Gidi has a church background and is comfortable leading singing and prayers. Danny has relied on him from the earliest days to lead singing, as Danny does not know many songs in Portuguese or Umbundu. Gidi visits church members and evangelizes in the neighborhood on his own initiative.

Mias became a Christian only 6 months ago, and has very little Christian background. But his growth has been phenomenal. He has begun leading singing and praying, and during our recent trip, he preached for the first time. He chose the parable of the vineyard, which he had heard Danny teach about during a trip to Kuito. Danny spent 2 mornings with him helping prepare together before we left. What is even more amazing though, is the true change in Mias’s life. Danny recently met his uncle, who ran up to the car and began expounding on the change in Mias and how the church must be doing something right. Our response is that God is doing something right.

Similar things are happening at the Lossambo church, where Felix and Floriano are beginning to feel comfortable taking the initiative to lead the church forward in God’s work.  We’re excited about these young Christians, and we look forward to their continued growth.

Praise God for all this He is doing and please continue to pray!