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It’s Time to Go!

HoorayTime is in God’s hands, not ours, so we’ve been waiting (patiently?) for most of the last year.  But everything is finally coming together, and we just bought airline tickets.  The date is set for May 3rd!

If you are in Austin, please make plans to join us for a send-off potluck on May 2nd at Westover Hills Church of Christ, immediately after second service.  We love our congregation, and it will be a time to cherish our partnership in the Lord’s mission.  Then we’ll fly out the next day, arriving in Lisbon on Tuesday, May 4th.  We are excited beyond words!  Thank God for bringing us to this point, and please pray that all the million to-do items get done before then!

Half our team is in Portugal

Our team members on a field trip in Lisbon
Our team members on a field trip in Lisbon

We are grateful to God that half of our Angola Team is already in Portugal, settling in and learning language.  Nathan arrived in Lisbon in January, and the Campbells and Jordan followed in late February.  We are very excited for them, and we enjoy visiting with them over Skype.  Eliana especially enjoys seeing Tia Jordan on the computer, but she makes a habit of naming each of our team members as she studies our team photo magnet.  What a wonderful blessing our team is to us!

You can read more about their experiences in Portugal on their blogs:

The “left behind” half of the team – the Meyers and the Reeses – are hoping to leave in May.  Thankfully, we each have a bit of a head start in learning Portuguese, so we won’t be too far behind once we get there.