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Eliana’s Birth

Here is an initial gallery of a few photos of Eliana’s birth.  She’s now 7 months old and looking much more mature.  You’ll just have to check back in a few days to see more current pictures of our little girl.

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Brazil Sojourn Planned for July

Several of the members of Westover Hills are organizing a campaign to Porto Alegre, Brazil for a week during July.  Tom and Megumi Evans asked Katie and me to consider joining.  We’ve long wanted to make a trip to Brazil, for several reasons, and this looks to be the perfect opportunity.  By God’s grace, we’ll be there.  And we’re excited! (more…)

Angola Timeline on the Slow Track

As a team, our initial goal had been to move to Portugal in August of 2009 for language learning, and then on to Angola in early 2010.  Those dates have shifted.  Any predictions of the future are obviously tentative, but as of now, we hope to move to Portugal in January 2010, and Angola later that year. (more…)

To Write

As anyone can tell from a quick glance through my previous blog entries, I’ve been anything but consistent in my writing.  Actually, I’ve consistently written 1 to 3 research papers per semester for the last umpteen years.  But very little of my intellectual overflow has made it into the blogosphere.  I don’t promise any drastic changes to this record.  However, I have felt the desire several times recently to put my thoughts to paper (so to speak), but I’ve been putting it off.  Why?  Because I want to get this family website up and running, so I have a decent place to add my thoughts.

This page, “Ramblings,” will be devoted to whatever we want.  Katie and I will both be able to share thoughts on whatever topic interests us.  Mine may be about missions, theology, lawn service, Land Cruisers, etc.  If random ramblings appeal to you, this is the place.  If you’re looking for something more newsy, check out the news column on our home page.

Thanks for stopping by and listening!