(English) Building my RAFT

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  1. Beth Reese diz:

    Thank you for writing this. Yes, building your RAFT is important in your transitions. It is important your you and Rusty to be able to reconcile, affirm, say farewell and think ahead, but it was also important for you to be able to say those ‘teammates’ who have been so much a part of your lives for the last four years. I am sure they needed to hear this. They, also, have needed to re-build their Angola RAFT without the Campbell family. I am sure that is what took place at their recent team retreat. May you be blessed in Ecuador – and what a great picture of your family. Much love,

  2. […] process of reentry and how to say goodbye in a healthy way. I still go back to Dave’s concept of building a RAFT (introduced to me at the seminar and explained further in his book, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up […]

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