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Most people get into it when they’re teenagers

Most people get into it when they’re teenagers

Goth culture hasn’t even been around long enough for people your age to have gotten into it when they were teenagers. And they rarely keep it up into their 40s.

Not true. Goth subculture has been around for 30 years, give or take. I know more than a few eldergoths who have stayed in the scene since their teens. posted by elsietheeel at 6:14 AM on [7 favorites]

Seconded, just for esteem to the OP. Goth came up hand-in-hand with punk rock. They may not keep the physical trappings up as much as they did when they were younger (deathhawks are a lot of work,) or hang out at concerts, but they’re definitely around and in plenty of places. I used to run a punk-rock/goth boutique in NYC and saw plenty a number of down-low goths, tourists and locals alike. posted by griphus at 6:24 AM on [2 favorites]

OK, so maybe I’m technically wrong on that historical point. Admittedly, I based my comment on a quick check of Wikipedia, which dates gothism back to the ’80s.

They reflected reality, as opposed to the way people wish the world really was

But the more relevant question for the OP’s purposes is what percent of people his age are that type. Much closer to 0% than 1%. Don’t make that your main criterion. posted by Jaltcoh at 6:30 AM on

Fair enough, Jaltcoh. I think you (OP) may want to widen your weird-dar. The difference between someone who grew up with .45 Grave and someone who is totally open to listening and enjoying them? Minuscule.

Oh, and as far as the blond girl example you gave? (more…)