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Ikki Kurogane is the no. 1 male protagonist out-of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

Ikki Kurogane is the no. 1 male protagonist out-of Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

Despite your hailing out-of a proper-respected household who’s introduced superior Blazers getting years, he had been known as weak, even for a keen F-Rating and you can created with good useless stamina getting known as the Poor You to. Once leaving the place to find follow their ambitions, entering Hagun Academy, however, he had been obligated to recite annually considering the prior personnel in addition to input of the Kurogane House.

After Kurono Shinguuji got the career just like the Movie director and fired all the teams working in they, Ikki try promised that if he would be to profit the newest 62nd 7 Stars Sword Artwork Festival, up coming she’d create your in order to graduate. In the finals, Ikki turned among the three Desperados regarding The japanese and you will turned into the present day Eight Stars Blade Queen. He in addition to participated in the new competition between Vermillion and you will Cradleland due to the fact part of People Vermillion.


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Ikki are a young kid regarding average level that have spiky black colored tresses and you may grey attention. He or she is known as with a slim however, well-depending nicely toned figure and you can sweet face, that produces your popular with one another more youthful girls and also earlier female. Both his bodily have and you may comfortable looks are one of several good reason why Sara wanted him to be their nude design. Ikki plus holds a robust resemblance in order to both their father and older sister. (more…)