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Capturing the latest Education loan Scandal Under the Carpet

Capturing the latest Education loan Scandal Under the Carpet

The newest education loan community need to thought we all have short memories. Included in the efforts in order to derail guidelines that would cure the latest Government Household members Student loan (FFEL) program, loan providers have been revealing talking facts with Senators and you will team arguing that “pay for play” scandals one to engulfed brand new student loan community into the 2007 was indeed far ado on little.

“Just after thorough analysis of the Congress and various state Attorney General, there have been zero conclusions that any staff or a lender or university broke one laws, neither have there been one unlawful penalties levied,” loan providers had written during the talking products – and therefore High Ed View features received – which were distributed to Senate teams.

While one statement was commercially real at that time it was first made, it’s an effective brazen capturing under the rug of a beneficial scandal one to outraged the fresh American societal, such as for example students in addition to their mothers. Ny Attorney General Andrew Cuomo performed charge in the 12 universities and you will lenders, including mortgage beasts Sallie Mae and Nelnet, with breaking federal and state laws, and you will registered legal actions up against her or him. Put simply, these people were perhaps not sure adequate regarding the legality of their practices to defend him or her during the courtroom.

The latest lenders’ allege is very cavalier given that they was simply in a position to don’t let yourself be penalized on account of who was simply guarding the brand new henhouse. (more…)