The Church in Carcavelos Partners with Us

At the beginning of May, our team had an opportunity to present to another church in the Lisbon area, the Carcavelos Church of Christ, about our plans for Angola and the possibilities of their partnership with us in ministry there. You can read all about our first team presentation in Portuguese (and even watch a video!) to our “home” congregation, the Lisbon Church of Christ, by clicking here.

We visited the Carcavelos church on a Sunday morning and gave our presentation during the Bible class hour for all the adults and youth of the congregation. The presentation itself was similar to the one we did for the Lisbon church — we briefly shared Angola’s story, introduced ourselves, and presented ideas of ways the church could get involved. Afterwards, the church said a prayer over us. We didn’t video this presentation, but here are a few pictures:


Danny started things off by giving an introduction to the situation in Angola:


Then, Rusty and I gave a brief introduction to our team and talked a little bit about what we’ve been doing this last year in Portugal:












Robert asked the church members to think about ways they could use their gifts and talents to get involved in what God is doing in Angola and invited them to sign up to receive our newsletters and other updates. He also fielded a question-and-answer time at the end of the presentation:


Katie talked about World Bible School and encouraged the church to consider helping with this program by being teachers for WBS students in Angola. Since WBS is done largely via correspondence, this is an excellent way for Portuguese-speaking Christians in Portugal to reach out to Portuguese-speaking Angolans! The Lisbon church has already agreed to take some leadership in launching this program, and we hope that the Carcavelos church can partner with them in this effort:


Nathan extended the invitation for church members, especially the youth, to come and visit us in Angola:


Teague requested help in developing and translating materials in Portuguese. She also gave a list of specific ways the church could pray for us:


Jordan concluded by thanking the church for their involvement in missions, for their cooperation with the Lisbon church, and for their willingness to consider how they might partner with us in the work in Angola:


At the end of the church service, they called all of the Angolan members to the stage to pray over us.





We are thankful for the warm welcome we received from the Carcavelos church, and for their prayers and support. We pray that their enthusiasm for what God is doing in Angola will develop into a fruitful partnership that will bless both us and them, and more importantly, the lost in Angola.

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